GATOR EGGS™ Single Serving Avocados

Say goodbye to placing half of your avocado in the fridge for later use only to return a day later and find a dried up brown layer across your delicious avocado!

This is a 6 pack of size 84 avocados packed in a carton similar to a half dozen of eggs.  As avocado growers, we have our choice of which size avocados to use.  We most commonly reach for the size 84 avocado because it is the ideal amount to use for one sandwich, spread on one piece of toast, scoop out with a spoon for one snack, add as a topping to one salad, etc.  By the way, did you know avocados are also known by many as alligator pears?

Find Gator Eggs at BJ’s Wholesale Clubs, select Whole Foods Markets, New Seasons, Mollie Stones, Hy-Vee, Brookshires, and Fresh Direct.  They are also sold in select Supervalu stores nationwide.  If you do not see Gator Eggs in your favorite market, please let your produce manager know that you would love some Gator Eggs!